5 Steps for an Easy and Engaging Football Room Transformation

I easily transformed my room for a Football Frenzy Review Day!

Step 1: Setting the Stage

Since this was my first room transformation, I knew I wanted to go simple with the theme. I decided on football because I knew I’d be able to reuse the supplies! I bought all of my supplies from amazon, but you could easily get similar items from party supplies stores!

Here are the only things I spent money on:

  1. Football Table Cloths
  2. Referee Shirt
  3. Popcorn Containers
  4. Mini Footballs

I used the table cloths to cover the desks and one wall. I used the popcorn containers and mini footballs for station activities (I’ll explain these later), and I wore the referee shirt all day with a whistle around my neck!

Step 2: Decide Your Content

I centered my whole room transformation around reviewing our fractions and decimals unit, but you could literally use a football theme to work on ANY type of content! I plan on using the same decor for more room transformations throughout the year.

Step 3: Create Stations

Like I said before, my stations centered around decimals and fractions. I used activities I already had, and just came up with football-related names to make them work! Trust me, your students won’t care if you stretched it a little bit to make it fit with the theme!

These are the stations I used, with descriptions for each.

1. Concession Stand Decimals

This activity I created specifically for this room transformation, and you can find it in my teachers pay teachers store here. I used the popcorn containers from amazon to hold the task cards. Students had to use the concession stand prices (decimals) to answer the word problems on the task cards!

2. Football Fractions Scavenger Hunt

This activity is from teachers pay teachers, and you can find it here. This station was super simple since the activity was already football-themed. Students had to correctly answer fraction word problems, and the answer would lead them to the correct next card!

3. Decimal Operations Field Goals

This station used regular decimal operations task cards from my teachers pay teachers store that you can find here. I simply put football stickers on the task cards to make them fit the theme (again, your students won’t care!) and as they worked through the task cards, they got to “kick a field goal” for every correct answer (they threw the mini footballs into the field goal basket.) I made the field goal with rolled-up construction paper, and just taped it to a basket. It help up well! The scoreboard is from the Target dollar spot, and I had my students use it to keep score of their field goals.

4. Football Frenzy Board Game

This is another product from teachers pay teachers that you can find here. This one was already football-themed as well, so it was SUPER low-prep. Students had to answer decimal operation problems, and then move their pieces around the game board. My students just used dice and mini-erasers to hold their place on the game board.


Like I said before–you can literally make ANYTHING football themed just by changing the name, adding some football stickers, or pairing it with some props!


Step 4: Hold Students Accountable

I knew that I had to hold my students accountable for their learning, so that this room transformation was not only engaging and fun, but effective in reviewing decimals and fractions. This might look different for many teachers, but for my classroom, this meant making some of the stations “graded,” while others had answer keys available and were strictly review.

My graded stations were the concession stand, and the scavenger hunt. At these stations the students had to fill out an answer sheet to turn in. Keep in mind, I monitored these stations carefully to ensure that students were on the right track.

For the other stations, I provided answer keys so that students could check each other’s work. We had done stations like this before so students knew the expectations!

Step 5: Play the Part

We kept this room transformation all day, and I played the part of referee from the moment they walked in, to the moment they left! If you don’t buy into your room transformation, your students definitely won’t. Have fun with it! The more fun you have, the more engaged your students will be.

And that’s it! I loved this room transformation, and my students have been asking to do another one soon. This transformation did NOT cost a ton of money, and did not take hours upon hours to prep.

Keep it simple, have fun, and your students WILL be engaged!

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